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That night, Mother Bunny asked the lonely little bunny to tell about her adventure to find the perfect friend.  The lonely little bunny told about her day helping the baby mouse collect seeds.

"Did you find your perfect friend then?" asked Mother Bunny.

The lonely little bunny thought for a moment then said, "No, I don't think so.  The baby mouse was very nice and I will call him my friend and help him when I can, but he had no time to play.  My perfect friend will have time to have fun and play.  I would like to go on another adventure tomorrow to find my perfect friend."

"Very well," said Mother Bunny, "but I want you to come home before the sun goes down again tomorrow."

The next morning, the lonely little bunny woke early and dressed in her favorite green overalls and sun bonnet.  As she skipped out of the hollowed out log, she gave her mother a hug and a kiss and promised to be back before the sun went down.

As the lonely little bunny bounced up the path across the field, she noticed something moving in the grass ahead of her.  It was a baby deer.  The lonely little bunny went up to the baby deer and asked, "Hello little deer.  would you like to come play with me?"

The baby deer answered, "I'd like to, but Mommy says I need to lie still in the tall grass until she comes back for me."

"Ok," said the lonely little bunny.  "Maybe I can lie with you and keep you company."

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