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Tina M. Adams

My nephew and I hiking in the White Mountains of New Hampshire in the summer of 2007

My Background

I grew up in a small town in Southern New Hampshire where we lived in the idealistic white house with the fence in the front yard and wonderful gardens all around.  I loved that house and the wonderful times that the family shared there.
My grandmother lived five minutes down the road in a wonderful old house with a big barn down the hill.  The barn was full of sheep.  I miss the smells and sounds of the sheep farm.
My other set of grandparents lived about half an hour away on a dairy farm.  Their big farmhouse was surrounded by huge corn fields.  Across the road was a wonderful hill for sledding.  The house was always full of crafts and fun things to do.
We always had animals.  Of course, there were dogs and cats.  We also had a couple of sheep, raised our own cow one year, there were chickens and turkeys, parakeets and hamsters, and of course... rabbits.  The rabbits were more my sister's pets, but I loved playing with them.
No matter where I go in life, I will always remember my first home with love and fondness.

How I Discovered My Hobbies

My grandmother, Hazel Adams Burns, with one of her lambs

Arts and crafts were a constant activity in my family.  I remember peeking over the side of my crib watching my mother, grandmother, and aunt making dolls, or cross stitching, or doing some other art or craft at the kitchen table. 
My mother always had some sort of craft ready for us to do.  She taught my sister and I to crochet, do latch hook rugs, make Christmas ornaments with sequins and foam balls, cross stitch , and sew.  I'm sure I missed a whole lot of other things on the list.
My grandmothers were equally as crafty.  I learned tatting and quilling from my mother's mother.  She also taught me to make corn husk dolls and to make doll heads by carving apples.  She taught us to whittle wood and paint with "Artex" paints.
My father's mother taught us a lot of crafts to do with wool.  I loved learning to spin with a drop spindle.  She also taught me about felting and dying using natural materials.  She also taught me about gardening and the natural world.
Writing came naturally to me.  Once I learned how to write and put sentences together so they made sense, it opened a whole new world to me.  All of a sudden I had an outlet for all of the things I wanted to say but could never get to come out of my mouth.  I have been writing stories and poetry since I was in elementary school.

What About the Muslin Bunnies?

There are two things that I truely enjoy doing in my free time.  One is writing.  I have never published anything of my own, but I do have a few unpublished children's books floating around the house.
The other thing I enjoy doing is sewing.  I like working on quilts, clothing, doll clothing, dolls.  Just about anything I can sew I enjoy doing.
Recently, I have started making Muslin Bunnies. They are what inspired the story of The Muslin Bunny Adventures.
Each bunny is so unique and look so sad until someone takes them home to cherish and love. The bunnies seem to almost light up and look happier when the bunny's new friends smile in delight when they first see them.

My Other Interests

favorite music


While at home I like to listen to Country, Celtic, and Children's Music.  I also like listening to the Oldies (but Goodies).


favorite tv shows

I really miss the good, old cartoons and television shows.  I don't watch much television anymore.


favorite games

I play Guild Wars and Dark Age of Camelot online.  Offline I like playing Parcheesi and Snakes and Ladders with my neice and nephew and Cribbage with my fiance.


favorite books I love to read.  My book shelves are almost full.  I read mostly Fantasy, but also have a lot of animal books and children's books.  (Preschool teacher for many years.)

Copyright 2008 by Tina Adams