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Muslin Bunnies on the Road

Muslin Bunnies
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The Muslin Bunnies have started traveling!


The Muslin Bunnies went to the NH Marathon Arts & Craft Show in Bristol, NH, on October 4, 2008. 
The fall foliage was fabulous!  Unfortunately, it was rather windy and cloudy for most of the day and the Bunnies were freezing by the end of the fair!


The Muslin Bunnies just loved the fall colors surrounding them in Bristol, NH!


The Muslin Bunnies had a wonderful time with The Ladies of the Knights of Concord Council #112  at their Harvest Craft Fair at the St. Peter’s Church Parish Center in Concord, NH.  The Fair was on October 11, 2008.  My wonderful nephew was kind enough to come with us and help out!


The Muslin Bunnies traveled to Merrimack Valley High School in Penacook, NH, on November 22, 2008, for the Holiday Craft Fair sponsored by the Boscawen Old Home Day Committee.
What fun it was to spend the day in the gymnasium at the school where I graduated!  It sure brought back a lot of memories!


Also on display at the Holiday Fair were an assortment of crocheted items made by myself and my mother.  There were baby afghans, baby booties, baby mittens, baby bottle cozies, catnip balls, hair scrunchies, and a few other items.

Copyright 2008 by Tina Adams