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Muslin Bunnies
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Muslin Bunny and the New Baby
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Once upon a time there was a family of very special bunnies who lived in a hollowed out stump at the edge of a sunny field.  They were very playful bunnies who would chase each other through the flowers and clover all day long.

These bunnies had many adventures together.  Their adventures were so much fun to tell around the fire at night that their very good friend decided to write some of them down. The Muslin Bunny Adventures is the first story written about the Muslin Bunnies.   Nexy came Muslin Bunny and the New Baby.  More stories will be posted as they are finished!

After the little Muslin Bunny found her very special friend, many of her brothers and sisters saw how much fun they had together.  They asked me if I could help them find their very own special friends. 
You can visit the Adoptions page to see who is still searching or you may order your very own special bunny through the Custom Order Muslin Bunnies page. Visit the Muslin Bunnies in Stitches page to see the Muslin Bunnies who have already found loving homes.

Muslin Bunny has expanded!  Muslin Bunnies may now be adopted through the Feline Feathers  etsy store using PayPal!  Along with the Muslin Bunnies, you will also be able to purchase cat toys, pet beds and blankets, and country inspired gifts.
There will be many little changes to this site over the next couple of weeks.  Check back often to see what is happening!

I hope you enjoy your visit with the Muslin Bunnies!
Please feel free to make suggestions, ask questions, give feedback, or say hello.  Simply click on the guestbook button below and leave a message.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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