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Muslin Bunny's Favorite Places

Muslin Bunnies
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Muslin Bunny's Favorite Places


  • The Muslin Bunny loves to sew!  Sometimes she likes to chat with others who also love to sew.  So, in her adventures, she set up a forum where she can get together with other crafters.  Click the link below to travel to Muslin Bunny's Sewing Forum.

Muslin Bunny's Crafting Forum

  • Muslin Bunny would like to get to know her friends.  Visit Muslin Bunny at her MySpace page!

Muslin Bunny's MySpace Page

  • Muslin Bunny also loves to spend time in the garden.  One of her favorite internet garden spots is listed below.  Click the link to garden with Muslin Bunny and her friends!

tribrats' Gardening Gurus

  • Many of Muslin Bunny's friends have left the nest to find homes of their own.  One of their favorite places to hang out is The Quilting Corner in Tilton, NH.  Click the link below to visit the Quilting Corner online.

The Quilting Corner

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