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Muslin Bunny Adventures Page 6

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"Oh!  Hello little bunny," said the little girl.  "If you can help me finish weeding this garden, I can play with you."

So, the lonely little bunny helped the little girl finish weeding the garden of flowers.  For the rest of the day, the two new friends played many of the games that the lonely little bunny's brothers and sisters liked to play until they grew tired.  Then they talked and snuggled on a bench in the garden of flowers.

When the sun was about to go down, the lonely little bunny said goodbye to the little girl and asked, "Can I come back and play with you again tomorrow?"

The little girl answered, "Oh, yes!  I would like that very much.  We just need to finish my chores before I can play."

The lonely little bunny waved goodbye with a smile on her face and returned to her home in the hollowed out log at the edge of the field.

That night, Mother Bunny asked the lonely little bunny to tell about her adventure to find the perfect friend.  The lonely little bunny told of her adventure helping the little girl in the garden of flowers and of playing and snuggling and talking the rest of the day.

"Did you find your perfect friend then?" asked Mother Bunny.

The lonely little bunny thought for awhile and said, "Yes, I think I have found my perfect friend.  It was fun helping the little girl finish her chores.  Then she had time to play, talk, and snuggle.  I would like to go and visit her every day.  I also found two other very good friends on my adventures.  Maybe the three of us can visit each other."

Mother Bunny smile at the lonely little bunny and said, "Very well, but I want you home before the sun goes down every day."

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