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Once upon a time there was a family of very special bunnies who lived in a hollowed out stump at the edge of a sunny field.  They were very playful bunnies who would chase each other through the flowers and clover all day long.

At night, the bunnies would snuggle together in the hollowed stump and listen to stories told by their adventurous grandfather.  Grandfather Bunny told tales of the days he traveled the countryside in search of "The Perfect Garden." 

Then Mother Bunny would put on her nightcap, kiss each one good night, and send them off to bed. 

All of the bunnies loved Grandfather Bunny's stories.  They chattered about them all the way to bed and into the night until Father Bunny reminded them to go to sleep.  One little bunny especially loved the stories.  This little bunny was a very quiet and lonely bunny.  Her bothers were all to busy playing rough games to pay any attention to her, and her sisters all told her she was too little to play their games.

One day, the lonely little bunny went to her mother and said, "Mother Bunny, I am very lonely.  My brothers and sisters will not play with me because I am too small for their games.  I would like to go on an adventure to find the perfect friend."

Mother Bunny looked at the lonely little bunny for a long time.  Then she smiled and said, "Little bunny, you are still very young to go on an adventure all by yourself.  Maybe one of your brothers would like to go with you."

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