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Muslin Bunny and the New Baby Page 6

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"The baby bunny's arms and legs are so short.  How can she hop and play?" asked Baby Deer.
Mother Bunny laughed quietly.
"Baby bunnies do not run and play until they open their eyes.  Instead they squirm around their nest looking for warmth and food.  Little Muslin Bunny's little sister will like to be cuddled a lot for the next few weeks.  When she is ready to hop and play, her legs will be just the right size for her," replied Mother Bunny.
"Now, it is getting quite late.  Look out the window.  The sun is almost ready to go down.  Morgan, Baby Mouse, and Baby Deer, it is time for you to run along home.  Little Muslin Bunny, I think I can smell your dinner ready and waiting on the table.  Run along!"  Mother Bunny told the four little friends.
"May we come and visit the baby bunny again tomorrow?"  asked Baby Mouse, Baby Deer, and Morgan, the little girl, all together.
"Of course you can," replied Mother Bunny.  "You can come visit any time you would like. You may play with Baby Bunny anytime, as long as she is not sleeping.  Just make sure you ask permission first and make sure you get home before the sun goes down," said Mother Bunny.
The four little friends quietly slipped out of Mother Bunny's bedroom.  Baby Mouse, Baby Deer, and Morgan, the little girl, said goodnight to Little Muslin Bunny and all her brothers and sisters and headed down the path through the field.
Little Muslin Bunny went to bed very happy that night.  She dreamed all night of the fun things she would teach to her brand new sister.  Little Muslin Bunny could not wait until Baby Bunny could join her and her friends on all of their adventures.

Copyright 2008 by Tina Adams