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Once upon a time there was a family of very special bunnies who lived in a hollowed out stump at the edge of a sunny field.  They were playful bunnies who would chase each other through the flowers and clover all day long.
The youngest of the bunnies was Little Muslin Bunny.  Little Muslin Bunny was full of energy and curiosity.  Every day Little Muslin Bunny went to visit her friends Baby Mouse, Baby Deer, and Morgan, the little girl.  The four little friends went on many adventures and had many stories to tell.
One day Little Muslin Bunny did not hop off to play with her friends.  Instead she sat quietly by the garden gate watching down the path through the field.  Little Muslin Bunny waited and waited and watched and watched for hours.
Just when Little Muslin Bunny grew bored of waiting, she saw something moving up the path through the field.  Little Muslin Bunny bounced up and down trying to get a better look at what it was.  It was Baby Mouse.
"I have been waiting for you all morning," said Baby Mouse.  "What are you doing sitting here beside the garden gate all by yourself?" he asked.
"Mother Bunny said something very special is going to come today.  I want to be the very first one to see what it is," replied Little Muslin Bunny.
"Oh!  That sounds very exciting.  May I wait with you?" asked Baby Mouse.
"OK.  I would like some company," said Little Muslin Bunny.

Copyright 2008 by Tina Adams