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Muslin Bunny and the New Baby Page 3

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"I have been waiting for you all day long!" exclaimed Morgan.  "What have you been doing by the garden gate all day?" she asked.
"Mother Bunny said something very special is going to come today.  I want to be the very first one to see what it is," said Little Muslin Bunny.
"Oh, how fun!  May I stay and watch with you?" asked Morgan.
"OK.  We can all draw pictures in the sand while we wait," said Little Muslin Bunny.
So, the four little friends sat by the garden gate quietly drawing pictures in the sand and watching down the path through the field.  They waited and waited and watched and watched for hours.
Just when Little Muslin Bunny, Baby Mouse, Baby Deer, and Morgan, the little girl, grew bored of waiting and drawing pictures in the sand they heard someone running up the garden path behind them.  The four little friends bounced up and down trying to see who it was.  It was Jasper, Little Muslin Bunny's oldest brother.
"It's here!  It's here!" exclaimed Jasper as he picked Little Muslin Bunny up and swung her around in an excited dance.
Little Muslin Bunny looked confused at her friends.
"Nothing has come here today.  We waited and waited and watched and watched at the garden gate all day.  The only things that came up the path through the field were my friends," said Little Muslin Bunny.

Copyright 2008 by Tina Adams