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Muslin Bunny and the New Baby Page 4

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"No, you silly little bunny.  The very special thing that came tonight could not come up the path through the field.  Come inside and see for yourself," said Jasper with a twinkle in his eyes.
So, Little Muslin Bunny, Baby Mouse, Baby Deer, and Morgan, the little girl, bounced excitedly indoors to see their wonderful surprise.  They made such a loud noise that Jasper stopped them at the door.
"Shhhh!  You have to be very quiet.  It might be sleeping," Jasper gently told the four friends.
The four friends tip-toed through the door.  They quivered with excitement to find out what kind of surprise sleeps.
"Maybe it's a puppy," whispered Baby Mouse.
"Maybe it's a kitten," whispered Baby Deer.
"Or maybe it's a little bird," whispered Morgan.
Little Muslin Bunny was too excited to even make a guess.
"In here with Mother Bunny.  Just make sure you stay quiet.  Mother Bunny is very tired," whispered Jasper.
One at a time Little Muslin Bunny, Baby Mouse, Baby Deer, and Morgan, the little girl, tip-toed into Mother Bunny's bedroom.  Mother Bunny was propped up in bed on some pillows.  She snuggled a little package wrapped in a soft pink blanket to her chest.

Copyright 2008 by Tina Adams