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Muslin Bunny and the New Baby Page 5

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"Come see.  She is very pretty," whispered Mother Bunny.
Little Muslin Bunny peered into the little pink blanket.  Inside was nestled a tiny squirming pink bunny with short pink ears.  The baby bunny was completely naked.  Not even a little bit of fuzz could be seen.  Her eyes were sealed shut and her ears looked like they were stuck to her body.  The baby bunny whimpered softly as she slept on Mother Bunny's chest.
Little Muslin Bunny looked up at Mother Bunny with eyes that were full of wonder.  Little Muslin Bunny had never seen a baby bunny before.
"She's so tiny and pink," said Little Muslin Bunny.  "Where is all her fur?" she asked.
Mother Bunny chuckled softly and said, "Baby bunnies are not born with any fur.  You were just as pink when you were born as your little sister is right now."
"The baby's eyes look stuck.  Will washing them help her open them?" asked Baby Mouse.
"No.  Baby bunnies are born with their eyes closed," said Mother Bunny.  "She will not open her eyes until she's ready.  You were the same way, Baby Mouse.  You were also born with no fur and with your eyes closed."
"Her ears are very short," said Morgan, the little girl.  "I thought all bunnies have long ears," she wondered.
"Baby bunnies have short ears when they are born.  Her ears will grow longer as she gets older," answered Mother Bunny.

Copyright 2008 by Tina Adams